Scalp Amulet in the British Museum

Scalp amulet decorated with quills, a round piece of shell, rattle snake buttons, feathers and a lock of human hair

On March 29, 2011 A group of Blackfoot people from all four tribes travelled to London, England and surveyed the collection at the British Museum storage. The part of the collection surveyed has quill worked scalp lock and weasel tail shirts, a split horn headdress from the Horn Society, a spilt horn headdress from the Brave Dogs Society, two straight up headdress', A shield, a club, a mans saddle, a woman's dress, a Brave Dogs rattle, a toothed necklace and a pair of men's leggings with quill work on them.

Makoyiipookaa Itsinikssiistsi Interview War Stories 2005

Makoyiipookaa interview for the Itsinikssiistsi project on War Stories.

Makoyiipookaa tells stories about war and protocols to follow after and before going to war. Makoyiipookaa was interviewed in 2005 for the Itsinikssiistsi project. Part of this material is in Niitsi'powahsin. There is no current translation for this material.

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