Photograph of Wades in Water from the Magee collection

Father: Running Crane
Mother: Blazing In Sight.
Wife: Julia Wades in the Water
Children: Nora Spanish

Wades-In-The-Water’s Blackfoot name was either Soyaa or Soyaomahkaa. His family clan was the “Lone-fighters”, also known as “Lone-Eaters.” The chief of this clan was Iron Shirt or Mi'ksskimmiisoka'simm. Wades-In-The-Water was a Medicine Pipe holder. He was transferred from Heavy Shield. In 1944 Julia was given a Mule-Painted Lodge by Rides-At-The-Door, though she later gave it up due to her lodge being struck by lightning. In 1930 Wades-In-The-Water revived the use of the Chief-Painted Lodge for a time. He was thought of as a leader but was never officially recognized as a chief. Wades-In-The-Water was the Tribal Police Chief. He was also a healer, and is said to have gotten his power from the Thunder Bird.

Card information:

Wades in Water. A headshot of a Blackfeet man wearing a feathered headdress and decorated clothes. Thomas B. Magee, 1862-1930; Henry L. Magee, 1896-1966 MGNGEN0043

This photograph is part of the Magee Family Collection. The collection was donated to the Blackfoot Digital Library by Don Magee the son of Thomas Magee. The originals are now in the University of Alberta's archives. Research on the photographs has been done by Adrienne Heavy Head using various published resources about the Blackfoot people and interviews.