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Blackfoot Digital Library Brochure

The first brochure that was produced in any number to promote the Blackfoot Digital Library

Floyd Hockenhull Collection

Personal photograph collection donated by James Hockenhull of his father Floyd Hockenhull's adoption by Two Guns White Calf in 1928

In 1928 Two Guns White Calf, Owen Heavy Breast and Herman Dusty Bull adopted Floyd Hockenhull. His son James Hockenhull has donated these photos his father handed down to him along with his story of the ceremony. Floyd Hockenhull was deeply appreciative and very proud to have been adopted by these men as their brother and continued to celebrate his adoption throughout his life. Floyd made sure his children learned all about his adoption and passed on his appreciation of being adopted by these men. Two children were accompanying the men when they adopted Floyd.

Photograph of Dog Child

(aka Winnipeg Jack) - Blackfoot (Siksika) - circa 1890/1904

Bear Bull, holding a horse outside his tipi.

You are looking at a beautiful picture of a Blackfoot Tepee. It was taken in 1927 by Edward S. Curtis. The picture presents a Blackfoot Indian, Bear Bull, holding a horse outside his tipi.

Red Crow College Sponsored "Teach-In" with Treaty 7 Idle No More Tantoo Cardinal January 30, 2013

Tantoo Cardinal speaks at Kainai High School

Tantoo Cardinal spoke at both days of the Teach-In. This is from day two on January 30,2013

Red Crow College Sponsored "Teach-In" with Treaty 7 Idle No More Sheryl Many Chiefs January 30, 2013

Sheryl Many Chiefs speaks at the Teach-In at Kainai High School on January 30, 2013

Sheryl Many Chief speaks on behalf of the Kainai Government on how the omnibus bills the Canadian government has passed affect First Nations and specifically Blackfoot people. Sheryl is a lawyer for Kainai Government.

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